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 cp ideas liked and possibly accepted

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PostSubject: cp ideas liked and possibly accepted   10/23/2008, 3:17 pm

My ideas:Web Browser: msie 7.0 on win
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I have a few ideas for Club Penguin!

1: I think that there should be something in the Better Igloos Cat. where you
can add floors (Such as making the igloo a 2 or 3 story igloo). The price, of
Coarse, increases the more floors you add.

2: Another idea is igloo backgrounds. Just like player card backgrounds, i
think CP should sell igloo backgrounds. Such as, you should be able to buy a
beach or ocean background for the pirate ship, so it isn't setting in the
middle of the forest.

3:I think there should be a way to explore outside of CP,such as other islands
and "Countries".

Ticket ID: 3757253-59989



You sure are a creative penguin! All of your ideas are excellent; I
especially like your idea to have backgrounds for your igloo. It sure makes a
lot of sense doesn\'t it? Although I cannot guarantee that your ideas will be
used in Club Penguin, they will definitely be taken into consideration. Just
be patient, you never know what might happen on the island!

If you have any other great ideas or questions just send them in. We would be
delighted to hear from you.


Meagan P
Club Penguin Support
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cp ideas liked and possibly accepted
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